Cyber Security

Lets talk about importance of Cyber Security

Would you run your small business without any business insurances? 

What about Cyber Insurance?

Yes, there is something called Cyber Insurance and some government & private organizations will not do business with you if you don’t have Cyber Insurance.

Are you thinking?

  • Hacker won’t be interested in hacking into my small business
  • Taking over my data to do what
  • I have nothing they can use
  • I don’t have any financials or anything valuable they can use
You will be wrong, here is why?1. 43% of Cyber Attacks Still Target Small Business while Ransomware Stays On the Rise, because cyber criminals knows that small business are a easy target since they do not implement cyber security or do not take cyber security seriously.

2. Cyber Criminals know that its easier to get ransom from small business because they will not have a reliable  offsite backup where they can recover their entire environment.

3. If you have customer data its now mandatory to report any data breaches, which also damages  your brand & business reputation and tells the world that you did not take Cyber Security seriously.

Click here to do a quick 10 second Cyber Security Maturity test


Cyber Security is a mandatory for all industry. 

As a small business ourselves, we understand what the barriers could be of not implementing Cyber Security.  Here are some reasons we have complied for you.1. Not having dedicated staff with an IT security focus.
2. Complexity and self-efficacy.
3. Underestimating the risk and consequences of a cyber incident
4. Planning and responding


Our recommendations 

1. Technical advice must be prioritized so that Australian SMBs know which cyber security practices to  implement first for best results.

2. Talk to us before its too late, we have all the knowledge, skills and experience to make your business Secure.

3. We have a Cyber Security Implementation plan which we can implement step by step in Phases to keep the cost more manageable. Some measures cost lot less then you think.


Click here to do a quick 10 second Cyber Security Maturity test

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